Accommodation for Members with Disabilities
The management is responsible for implementing our accommodation policy for members with disabilities.

Applying for Membership
The waiting list is currently closed. Click link for more info.

By-Laws and Policies
Although developed and approved by members, some of these are administered by the Office. Penthouse bookings, for one.

Current Capital Projects
Major projects like replacing the windows. Information for members.

Emergency Procedures
Fire, AED (defibrillator), gas (CO monitor), power outage, flood, loss of heat.

Floor Plans for Apartments & Townhouses
As of 1979.

Including work order, election, expenses.
The work order form can be filled on your computer. Save it for future reference. Then print out the form to give to the office.

Office Hours, Location, Email Addresses
Telephone:  416-363-3418
On-Call: 416-809-7851
(after office hours)

Property Management
CMC, capital projects. For current projects, see Current Capital Projects (above)
Woodsworth also has a Maintenance Committee.