Parking Policy for the Underground Garage


Approved by Board of Directors on December 9, 1989; Amended at the GMM on September 25, 1989; Approved by Members at GMM on July 3, 1990; Amendments to clause 12 and additional clause 15 – July 3, 1990 Consolidation.  Amendments to #9 and #16 – approved by Members at GMM March 14, 2011. Amendments to #1 and #17 approved by Members at GMM March 14, 2012. Amendments to #2, #9 and #16 – approved by Members at GMM January 26, 2016.

1. Housing Manager / Co-ordinator allocates the parking spaces and maintains the Parking Space Waiting List. (Amended March 14, 2012).

2. Parking spaces will be allocated on a date of application basis; however vehicles owned or leased and operated by a member who has obtained a handicapped license plate permit will be given first priority in the Waiting List, provided the Co-op is satisfied that the person or people transported in the vehicle require access to a housing unit in the Co-op other than ones on Albert Franck Place. Two adjoining parking spaces (#s 35 & 36) are reserved on a priority basis in the medium-rise garage for handicap parking for a member using a wheelchair. If there isn’t a need for the handicap space the space can be rented on a month to month basis with the understanding that access to the space will be revoked with one month’s notice, and that members losing their space can then be put at the top of the waiting list for garage parking. (Amended January 26, 2016).

3. Applications for the Parking Space Waiting List may be made by a member in good standing. Members are not required to own a car at the time of application.

4. Members holding Street Parking Permits are eligible to apply for underground parking space.

5. Parking space may only be allocated to a member who owns or leases a vehicle.  (Amended March 2011). Where a member is in the process of acquiring a vehicle, the vehicle must be acquired within two months of the space being allocated. To qualify for a car space, a vehicle must be a motorized four wheeled vehicle, in active use, licensed and insured for active use, and must be registered to the member.

6. Parking space allocation is based on one parking space per household only. Residents of Albert Franck Place townhouses are not entitled to parking spaces in the underground parking garage.

7. A member who declines an offer of a parking space will automatically be placed at the bottom of the Waiting List.

8. Members accepting a parking space must sign a Parking Agreement and provide the office proof of registration and insurance.

9. One parking space (#29) will be allocated for staff use only. (Amended March 2011). Staff will be allowed to rent an additional parking space (#11) on a month to month basis with the understanding that access to the space will be revoked with one month’s notice as long as no member requires a parking space and there is no waiting list for parking in the medium-rise garage. The cost of renting the additional parking space is as per Woodsworth’s Annual Fee schedule. (Amended January 26, 2016).

10. Motorcycles may park in the designated area and will pay fees set annually in the annual budget.

11. Bicycles must be registered at the co-op office and pay the fees set annually.

12. Cars shall not be washed in the Underground Garage.

13. Abandoned vehicles, and those not registered, licensed or insured will be removed.

14. Parking spaces will not be used for storage. Only registered vehicles will occupy the parking space.

15. Subletting an underground parking space may only be done in conjunction with the sub-letting of a member’s housing unit. It will be sublet as per the waiting list procedures up to the term of the sublet of the units.

16. Casual Parking: (Amended March 2011) The assigned Staff parking spaces as outlined in item #9 above can be reserved in advance by members for casual parking. They are available to rent during the following times:

Monday: 5pm to 8am
Tuesday: 5pm to 8am
Wednesday: 5pm to 8am
Thursday: 5pm to 8am
Friday: 5pm to 5pm on Saturday
Saturday: 5pm to 5pm on Sunday
Sunday: 5pm to 8am

Statutory holidays are considered an extension of previous day’s rental hours; for example, if a statutory holiday falls on a Monday, the Sunday rental will be from 5pm on Sunday to 5pm on Monday or if a statutory holiday falls on a Friday, the Thursday rental will be from 5pm on Thursday to 5pm on Friday. (Amended January 26, 2016)

Casual parking is intended to be short-term. The number of casual parking days per unit is capped at 12 days per month. (Amended January 26, 2016)

Members must reserve the Casual Parking with the office, or with On Call if it has not already been booked by the office, for evenings or weekends and the receipt must be displayed on the dashboard. (Amended March 14, 2011). The cost of renting the casual parking space is as per Woodsworth Annual Fee schedule.

17. Ramp parking: (Amended March 14, 2012)

Legal parking: Any contractor employed by the co-operative may park on the ramp with permission from Woodsworth office or by On-Call after hours and on weekends. Contractors must park on the south side of the ramp while leaving enough room for members to access the garbage cage. Contractors will have an authorization form on their dash identifying themselves as workers on site or obtain one from the office or On-Call as needed.

Illegal Parking: Members are not permitted to park on the ramp at any time. Any person parking on the ramp without the express permission of the co-operative or On-Call will be subject to tag and/or tow at the owner’s expense.