Wall Covering & Paint Policy



Tabled at the GMM on September 22, 1992.
Approved at the GMM on February 9, 1993. (
Form updated on March 24, 2003)

See Maintenance By-law Section C, Unit Maintenance, 1. Painting and Wallpapering.

The underlying principle, agreed to at a General Meeting July 3, 1990, is that stripping of wallpaper and repainting of walls is the responsibility of the incoming member.

However, this only applies if the outgoing member has followed these rules:


1. Wallpaper must be dry-strippable.

2. Members must be aware that even dry-strippable paper leaves a paper residue on the walls when stripped.

3. The Co-op will pay the cost of rental of a wall-paper stripper for incoming members who wish to remove wall-paper.

4. Incoming members who are physically unable to do the work may be given assistance by the Co op.

5. The cost of “down time” to allow a member to strip wallpaper prior to moving in will be borne by the member moving in.


6. Only surfaces previously painted may be painted. (Do not paint smoke detectors, electric baseboard heaters, etc.)

7. Paint must be washable.

8. Members are responsible for painting their own units. The Co-op will cover the cost of sufficient paint to repaint the whole unit once every five years. This allowance may be claimed in installments, if the whole unit is not painted at one time.

9. A member will not generally be reimbursed for the cost of paint purchased individually.

10. Where a member is physically unable to carry out the painting, the Co-op may provide assistance.

11. Paint will be allocated to paint the whole unit every three years except in the case of Move-ins. Generally, members who are moving into a new unit will be allowed.

To order paint for that unit, regardless of whether that unit has received its quota, or whether the member had drawn the full allotment for the previous unit.

12. To compensate members for painting their own units the Co-op provides a range of approximately 300 colours, instead of 1 or 2. Members must order colours within the colour range if the Co-op is paying for the paint. We discourage painting with deeper toned colours, which subsequently are more difficult to cover.

13. It is possible to order oil-based paint for painting trim.

14. White ceiling paint is available as an additional allotment every three years, on a scale based on the size of the unit.

15. Basement stairs and floors: sufficient and proper paint is available on demand, although colour choice is limited.

16. At Move-in, primer paint will be made available to cover dark colours.

17. Members are responsible for the cost of cleaning paint from floors, walls, carpet or any other places it should not be.

18. See the Woodsworth Members Handbook for painting and wallpapering tips.


Members who wish to do anything to their walls other than paint or wallpaper, must apply to the Maintenance Committee for permission. Normally, anything stuck permanently to the wall, such as panelling, mirrored tile, or ceramic tile, would be considered a permanent renovation and if approved, become the property of the Co-op.



(Minor changes to the following procedure will not require membership approval, but must be published in the Weekly.)

1. Records will be kept for each unit, including a break down of rooms per unit, quantity of paint estimated per room, date and colour paint was distributed per room.

2. The allocation of paint is determined by a formula based on size of unit. Members may claim their paint allowance in installments, if the member wishes to paint less than the whole unit at one time.

3. The paint supplied will be middle-of-the-line Eggshell Latex, unless the member requests otherwise, for all rooms except as outlined in paragraph 4.

4. Members may order alkyd (oil-based) or Latex paint for kitchens and trim. If nothing is specified, semi-gloss will be supplied. Alkyd paint will be supplied for bathrooms.

5. Paint for trim, ceilings, and basement stairs and floors may be ordered as per the Painting Policy, clauses 8, 9 and 10.

6. Members must come in to the office to either choose their paint, or sign out a book of paint chips. When ordering paint, the member must fill out a Paint Order Form (see attached). The paint chip books must be signed back into the office before paint will be ordered.

7. Paint will be ordered, once a week on (Tuesdays). Members must have their order in no later than 5:00 P.M. on Monday. Any orders received after 5:00 P.M. on Monday will not be processed until the following Tuesday. Members may call the office, from Wednesday on, to arrange pick up of their paint. Other arrangements may be made for members physically unable to pick up their paint. This may be discussed with the Paint Co-ordinator.

8. Members must order colours within the colour range, if the Co-op is paying for the paint. The member may select from those colours whose first number is (EXAMPLE: 99YR 83/059).

9. The member may make his/her own arrangements with the Paint store for better quality or a greater quantity of paint, at his/her own expense. You must discuss this with the office staff.

10. No other arrangements will be made for reimbursement of cost of paint, except under exceptionable circumstances. (For example: No reimbursement for paint bought at any other store



Please read these instructions before you select or order your paint.

Your bathroom MUST be repainted in an oil-based paint.

Unless you specify otherwise, oil-based semi-gloss will be supplied for your kitchen and trim paint.

All other walls should be repainted in Latex (eggshell supplied unless specified otherwise).

All paints on the colour chips are numbered; you may select only from the chips that are in the first three rows.


*Once paints are mixed, they cannot be returned to the supplier.*

Date Ordered:

Unit: # Name:

Halls: # Kitchen: # Bathroom: #

Living room: # ______________ Dining room: # ______________ Sunroom: #

Ceiling (which rooms):

1st  Bedroom: # 2nd Bedroom: #

3rd Bedroom: # 4th Bedroom: #


OFFICE USE: Maximum Allowance: _____________________

Date Ordered:Date received:


Consolidated up to April 2010 and adopted September 30, 2010.