Our communities

Living in Woodsworth and in our neighbourhood. Getting around, getting together.

Accessible Housing
Accommodation for disabilities. Human rights.

Co-op Living
News and information for members at Woodsworth.

Co-op Organizations
CHFT, CHF Canada, and our neighbourhood organization, CHFT. About co-operatives.

Neighbourhood News
Events in St. Lawrence Neighbourhood and nearby areas of Toronto. News about our neighbourhood.

Neighbourhood Resources
Phone numbers for city information, local transportation, schools, our wards and electoral districts, health services, services for persons with disabilities.

Penthouse / Common Space
The Penthouse party room is booked through the office. If not booked, it is open as a common room or lounge for members (use your fob).

Rent Supplement Program
The Agency for Co-operative Housing is in charge of the rent-geared-to-income program (rent subsidy or housing charge supplement) for our co-op.

Strategies for Staying (S4S)
The Strategies for Staying (S4S) Committee promotes accessibility, conviviality, lifelong learning and community support for older or less able members.

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