Lock-Out Charges Policy



Passed at the GMM on 9 February 1993

1. A lock-out charge for providing key access to unit will be levied as follows:

(a) notification for first occasion

(b) $5 for the second

(c) $10 for third and succeeding occasions

2.. The fee need not be paid at the time the key access is requested, but rather will be billed to the member. Such charges will be treated as arrears if not paid within 15 days of notification.

3. Resident non-members will not be given access except with the specific permission of one of the members in the unit. This permission may be given either in writing or by telephone.

4. Children of members will be allowed access to the family unit unless notification to the contrary is received by the office from the parent or guardian.

5. Record keeping for lockout charges will be based on the number of incidents within a calendar year.

Consolidated up to April 2010 and adopted September 30, 2010.