Bicycle Cage Rental Procedure



Passed at the GMM on May 21, 1992. Amended at the GMM on Sept. 23, 2013.

1. There will be a rental charge for use of the bicycle cage located in the underground garage.

2. This charge will be determined annually at the Budget Meeting.

3. Members using the bicycle cage will be required to pay the fee by cheque or money order for a whole year in advance, or for the balance of the fiscal year, if usage of the Cage begins after July 1 of any year.

4. The fob to the bicycle cage is the same as the fob used by members to enter the common areas of the co-op. Lost fobs may be replaced for a charge in an amount set by members of the Co-op.

5. Bicycles must be registered annually with the Co-op. Any bicycles parked in the cage which are not registered, or rental fee not paid, will be removed by the Co-op.


Consolidated up to April 2010 and adopted September 30, 2010.