The St. Lawrence Neighbourhood

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About St. Lawrence
Our neighbourhood was created by the City of Toronto politicians, professional planners and community activists. It was new – meaning that it was built on waste land and created from the ground up. Here’s an article from 1990 by a professor and planner and was on the incorporating board of Woodsworth, J. David Hulchanski. It still resonates for many of us who moved in early to this exciting new neighbourhood.

St_Lawrence_Neighbourhood-1 Hulchanski

Creative Aging Circle

Discover your creative spark through music, art, drama, song, dance, creative writing, movement, expressive arts, poetry and more! Free arts-based workshops for seniors. Call Shawne Macdonald in our co-op or email

The Creative Aging Circle is a small non profit group of volunteer seniors in the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood. Established in 2014, it is funded by a Seniors Community Grant.

Started by Woodsworth’s S4S with community contacts from OWN.

St Lawrence Neighbourhood – Secrets to a Long-Lasting Mixed Income Community

An article about St Lawrence Neighbourhood from Sidewalk Labs.

Author Philip Preville is a writer based in the Toronto area.

“Cooperative housing is a hallmark of the St. Lawrence neighborhood… Although less common in Toronto today, this approach demonstrates how giving renters an ownership stake can lead to a stronger mixed-income community.”