Property Management
Office news. For current projects, see Current Capital Projects.

See also:  Board of Directors, Co-op Management Committee (CMC) and Maintenance Committee.

Accommodation for Members with Disabilities
The management is responsible for implementing our accommodation policy for members with disabilities.

Applying for Membership
The waiting list is currently closed. Click link for more info.

By-Laws and Policies
Although developed and approved by members, some of these are administered by the Office, such as penthouse bookings.

Current Capital Projects
Major projects like replacing the windows. Information for members.

Emergency Procedures
Fire, AED (defibrillator), gas (CO monitor), power outage, flood, loss of heat.

Floor Plans for Apartments & Townhouses
As of 1979.

Including work order, election, expenses.
The work order form can be filled on your computer. Save it for future reference. Then print out the form to give to the office.

Office Hours, Location, Email Addresses
Telephone:  416-363-3418
On-Call: 416-809-7851
(after office hours)


Candidate Form for Elections – Committees and Delegates

There is a separate form for candidates for the Board of Directors. Use this one for committees and delegates only.

Please note: in order to get all of the required information on this form, it was designed as a longer LEGAL sized page. (8.5 x 14). There will be copies in the 2nd floor photocopy room for you if you cannot print the legal sized PDF.

Print with legal sized paper –



Work Order Form (Maintenance Request Form)

The work order form (below) is fillable on your computer –  click on Work Order Form (below) and type in your information and the problem.

NEW INSTRUCTIONS to fill in the form on your computer.

Choose your computer!

Apple computers – with Safari browser, just open the PDF form and fill it in. Or open it with Preview.

With Firefox browser, you will need to save it and then fill it in with Preview.  Or after clicking on it to open the PDF, choose Open with a different viewer (small message at the top right corner of the black screen) and choose Preview. Always, “save as”, change the file name  and remember where you put it.

Windows 7 and 10 –with Internet Explorer or Edge, just open the PDF form and fill it in. Always, “save as”, change the file name and remember where you put it.
Windows XP – it may not be possible. If you are successful in filling it online, please let the Website Committee know.

Windows computers:  it helps to have Adobe Reader or equivalent installed. If you can’t save the form with the filled-in data, you probably need a newer version of Adobe Reader. Get the free software here from Adobe.


    • There is a dropdown list of months.
    • There is a “sweet spot” for typing the date and year.
    • You will need to skip a line in the “Describe the Problem” block in order to type in that field.
    • Use a separate form for each problem.

IMPORTANT: if you fill in the work order online

  • Your form is not saved on this website.
  • Staff do not monitor this website.
  • You must e-mail it to staff or print it out and give it to them.
  • And if you don’t save it on your computer or print it out, your work order will be gone once you exit the page.
  • Email it to the office as an attachment.
  • Use the Woodsworth staff admin e-mail address
  • Use a clear subject for your e-mail, like Work Order.  Or Maintenance Request. It will be mixed up with many other emails!

Work Order Form

Other options:

  • Print it out the completed form and deliver it by hand.


  • Print out the form and fill it in by hand.
  • Blank copies are also in the 2nd floor photocopy room.
  • Printed work orders would need to be delivered to the Office or to their lobby mail box.Recommendations – save the completed form for your personal records:
  • Save a copy on your computer, or
  • E-mail it to yourself, or
  • Photocopy the filled-in form for future reference

    tested and updated – February 7, 2018