By-Laws and Policies

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Woodsworth’s By-laws
By-laws were approved by a 2/3rd majority of members present at a General Members’ Meeting.

1  Organizational By-law
2  Occupancy By-law
19 Rules By-law
20  Membership By-law
21 Maintenance By-law
23 Participation By-law
35 Maintenance Renovation By-law
41 Move-Out By-law
45 Grievance and Reconciliation By-law
47 Spending By-law
48 Newsletter By-law
60 Arrears By-law
70 Human Rights By-law
Guide: CHFC Guide to Human Rights By-law
73 Member Directory By-law
78 Conflict of Interest By-Law

Woodsworth’s Policies
Approved by a simple majority of members present at a General Members’ Meeting, except Board approval only as noted.

Rules of Order

Woodsworth’s Rules of Order

Province of Ontario and City of Toronto

Ontario. Co-operative Corporations Act

Ontario Human Rights Code

Residential Tenancies Act – Security of Tenure and Termination of Tenancies

Landlord and Tenant Board – Non Profit Housing Cooperatives

Toronto By-laws and Municipal Code – Property Standards