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Candidate Form for Elections – Committees and Delegates

There is a separate form for candidates for the Board of Directors. Use this one for committees and delegates only.

Please note: in order to get all of the required information on this form, it was designed as a longer LEGAL sized page. (8.5 x 14). There will be copies in the 2nd floor photocopy room for you if you cannot print the legal sized PDF.

Print with legal sized paper –



Job Descriptions – Board, Committees and Representatives

1.  Board, committees with elected chairs and elected representatives

This is based on the  list of committees prepared for the elections of Board and committee members at the AGM in November 2017.

There is a list of non-elected committees – i.e. the whole committee is not elected including the chair – at the bottom of this post.

Additionally, you can see a list of committees and committee members (elected and non-elected) in the Member Directory.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the official body of elected or appointed members of Woodsworth Housing Co-operative, Inc. It is responsible for the overall governance of the organization. It represents the Co-op as the employer and financial decision maker on behalf of the Co-op and its members. There are seven (7) elected members. Each elected member fills one of the directorial positions. The seven (7) Board positions are as follows:

Usually the President chairs the Board meetings and the GMMs; however, alternating the chair, especially at the GMMs, is quite appropriate. The President is a non-voting member of the Board unless his/her vote is required to break a tie vote. The President is usually one of four signing officers for the Co-op.

Usually only in the absence of the President, the Vice-President chairs a Board meeting, chairs a GMM, or fulfills all of the President’s functions. He/she is usually one of the four signing officers of the Co-op.

The Treasurer works with the Finance Committee and the Property Manager with respect to the financial statements, budgets and audit. The Treasurer is usually one of four signing officers for the Co-op. The Treasurer is usually the Liaison to the Arrears Committee and is a voting member of that committee.

Corporate Secretary
The Corporate Secretary receives all incoming Board related correspondence either by email or the 2nd floor Board mailbox.
The Corporate Secretary acknowledges all correspondence that is directly sent to the Board of directors.
The Corporate Secretary responds to correspondence as directed by the Board of Directors.
The Corporate Secretary is one of the four signing officers for the Co-op.

Property Manager Liaison
The Property Manager Liaison is the liaison between the Board and management and members who have issues with management. The Property Manager Liaison works with the Property Manager on behalf of the Board of Directors and the Co-op and its members. It is important to note that the Liaison does not work independently but always consults the Board or the Manager whichever the circumstances. The Liaison ensures that the Board is kept current with any pertinent information.

There are two Directors-at-Large. They serve the same as the other Board members with responsibilities to their respective committees as liaison.

Arrears Committee

The purpose of the Arrears Committee is to work with members who have fallen into arrears through non-payment or persistent late payment. The office has tried to work with these members to facilitate a positive outcome but has not been able to achieve a successful resolution.
The Arrears Committee meets with a member to arrange payment agreements if the member does not fulfil the agreed upon obligations to the Co-op. The Arrears Committee will make appropriate recommendations to the Board of Directors.
The Committee consists of four (4) elected members and one Board Liaison, who is a non-voting member, as well as the Treasurer, who is a voting member.
Serving on this Committee is rewarding, in that you can help members who may be in distress because of unforeseen circumstances.
Arrears issues are strictly confidential.
The Arrears Committee meets when required.

Archives Committee Chair

The Archives Committee Chair is elected to chair a committee of non-elected members. The purpose of the committee is to ensure that the history of Woodsworth Co-op is preserved by filing the past documents, records, etc. of Woodsworth from its inception to the present. The filing system has been previously set up (not, however, kept up-to-date). The records need constant updating for the archives system to work effectively. Members’ confidential information is not filed in the archives by this committee. The Committee Chair is elected for a 2-year term.

Co-op Management Committee

The Co-op management Committee conducts appropriate confidential surveys, prepares reviews, overseas projects, and submits recommendations to the Board and Membership for changes regarding property management and maintenance policies, practices and contracts..

Job Description
The Committee consists of three (3) elected members and the Property Management Liaison, who is a non-voting member of the Committee.
Because of the sensitive nature of the Committee’s work, its members are required to sign a confidentiality agreement.
The Committee, on a continuing basis, reviews property management policies and practices for the purposes of

Developing initiatives to standardize efficient and effective property management policies and procedures

Providing a forum that fosters the exchange of effective property management policies and procedures

Identifying, publicizing and promoting changes to policies, procedures, and other property management initiatives

Encouraging meaningful performance measurement and enhanced customer service in the interest of good property stewardship.

Directory Committee Chair

The Directory Committee Chair is elected to chair a committee of non-elected members. The purpose of this committee is to create and maintain an annual Woodsworth Co-op Housing Directory. The Committee Chair is elected for a 2-year term.

Editorial Committee Chair

The Editorial Committee Chair is elected to chair a committee of editors of the Woodsworth Weekly who are non-elected members. The Weekly has been publishing since 1979.

The Chair as well as other editors are available to all editors for advice through an online email group. This is in order to ensure the Newsletter By-Law and editorial policies are adhered to, and to facilitate smooth production of the Weekly each week.

The Chair and editors receive most of the content for the Weekly through a co-op email account, accessible through the web on their personal or co-op member computer.

The Chair ensures that the Weekly has been posted on the co-op website.
The Chair liaises from time to time with Production Team who photocopy and oversee delivery of the print edition of the Weekly.

The Chair creates a roster for the editors who alternate weekly to prepare the Woodsworth Weekly newsletter for reproduction and distribution. The Chair is normally included in the roster as n editor. The Committee Chair is elected for a 2-year term.

Election Committee Chair

The Election Committee Chair is elected to chair a committee of non-elected members.

The purpose of this committee is to co-ordinate elections in the Co-op. It arranges and oversees the annual elections, as well as any by-elections for the Co-op. It advertises and promotes elections to ensure the participation of members and potential candidates. It is responsible for democratic elections within the Co-op. The Chair of the committee maintains the records of all annual and by-election results, as well as the term records of the Board of Directors and Membership Committee members as outlined in the Organizational By-Law.

The Committee is responsible for ensuring that proper procedures are followed. The Committee Chair is elected for a 2-year term.

Finance Committee Chair

The Finance Committee Chair is elected to chair a committee of non-elected members. The purpose of the committee is to review the monthly financial reports and report any error or omissions to management. It assists the Board of Directors in understanding the finances of the Co-op. It also works with the Co-op manager to prepare the annual operating and capital budgets. The Chair often prepares a forum to assist members to understand upcoming budgets prior to voting on them. The committee works in conjunction with the Treasurer at each meeting. The Committee Chair is elected for a 2-year term.


Maintenance Committee Chair

Two co-chairs are elected for two years for the Maintenance Committee to chair a committee of non-elected members. The purpose of the committee is to assist the Co-op members, Board of Directors, and management with maintenance issues, as well as research special projects or special requirements in units including drawing up Co-op specifications, overseeing the Preventive Maintenance Plan, working with the Management on move-outs/move ins, planning for unit inspections, etc. The committee is required to handle any maintenance projects that require research and to provide recommendations to the Board of Directors. The committee usually communicates with management and other committees, such as the Finance Committee, as required.

Click to see the full Maintenance Committee Operating Guidelines.

Membership Committee

The purpose of this committee is to ensure the established processes, by-laws and policies are complied with for processing new memberships and applications for membership from Long-Term Guests. This committee also arranges interviews with prospective new members, coordinates with the office regarding internal and external move-ins as well as move-outs, updates the Membership By-Law as required, prepares the annual membership survey, makes recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding all of the above and holds information sessions for new and prospective members as required.

The Committee consists of nine (9) elected members who meet once a month.


The PIPED officer is elected to ensure that Woodsworth is in compliance with the Privacy Act. It is important for the PIPED officer to familiarize him/herself with the Privacy Act and the duties and responsibilities of the PIPED officer to better serve the Co-op and its members. The PIPED officer may meet with any member who feels that his/her privacy is being jeopardized by the Co-op. The PIPED officer cannot hold any other elected or non-elected position in the Co-op during his/her tenure as PIPED officer. All privacy issues are strictly held in confidence by the PIPED officer. The PIPED officer is elected for a 2-year term.

Reconciliation Committee

The purpose of this committee is to help members resolve grievances through mediation usually after all parties have been unsuccessful in trying to work out problems themselves. The Committee meets only when there is a member grievance issue to resolve. The Committee also ensures that the Reconciliation By-Laws are still current and adequate. There are six (6) elected members. Serving on this committee can prove to be rewarding in that you would be helping members to resolve their differences to maintain and encourage harmony throughout the Co-op.

Social Committee Chair

The Social Committee Chair is elected to chair a committee of non-elected members. The purpose of the Committee is to organize entertainment throughout the year for the membership. In the past, the committee has hosted Bingo nights, brunches, summer barbecues, children’s Easter Bunny hunts and Christmas parties, international nights, and, of course, the regular get-together for refreshments after the GMM meetings and the spring and Annual Clean-ups.

All functions are usually held in the penthouse and enjoyed by all members and, occasionally, their guests. There are many regular non-elected members on this Committee, whose contribution and dedication have made these events a success.

The Committee’s Chair is responsible for organizing events to bring members together to maintain harmony in the Co-op and to bring his/her own ideas or carry on past successe

Representatives on Community and Sector Organizations

SLNA Delegates

There are three (3) elected SLNA delegates who represent Woodsworth Co-op. All three delegates are required to attend the regular monthly SLNA meetings and may wish to become more involved by joining one of its standing or ad hoc committees.[Please refer to the website for the range of possibilities.]

It is important that Woodsworth membership is kept informed about community issues, crime prevention, proposed new developments, community events and activities, etc. This is achieved by forwarding relevant SLNA emails to the Woodsworth Weekly and posting announcements on the seven co-op bulletin boards as well as picking up material available at the monthly SLNA meeting. Delegates should have a genuine interest in the St. Lawrence neighbourhood community and a desire to ensure Woodsworth Co-op representation.

CHFC Delegate & Alternate for the Conference

Each year two (2) members are elected as delegate and alternate to attend the Annual Co-op Housing Federation of Canada’s Conference. The Annual Conference is held in a different city throughout Canada. Delegates and alternates have traveled from as far as Halifax, Nova Scotia, or Victoria, B.C. or as close as Toronto or Hamilton to attend the conferences.
Travel arrangements are paid for by the Co-op, which include the cost of travel plus hotel accommodations for the 4-day conference. Both the delegate and alternate attend the conference. However, this is not a holiday; it is work with a very heavy schedule.

Prior to attending the conference, both the delegate and alternate are required to attend an information meeting held by CHFT in Toronto to discuss the upcoming conference and the resolutions.

While at the conference, the delegates are required to attend all of the workshops and seminars they have selected and are expected to attend the Meet the Candidate debate sessions (mandatory if there is one), the Ontario Members’ Meeting and the National Business Meeting in order to vote for the candidates who govern CHFC. “You’ll have your say, debate policies, consider budgets, elect directors, vote on resolutions, and much more.” The delegate and alternate also select different workshops to benefit the Co-op.

Upon returning home, the delegate and alternate are required both to provide a written report of the information they acquired (or what they learned) to the membership via The Weekly and a copy of the report to the Board of Directors but not at the GMM as has been done recently.

2018:  The 2018 Annual CHFC Conference: Victoria, British Columbia, from Wednesday, June 6 to Saturday, June  9, 2018.

2019:  The 2019 Annual CHFC Conference will be held in London, Ontario from Wednesday June 5 until Saturday June 8, 2019.

CHFT Delegate and Alternate

To represent Woodsworth Co-op at CHFT meetings and to bring back news from the 
Co-op Housing sector to the membership.
The Co-operative Housing Federation of Toronto (CHFT) is a member-supported organization representing more than 45,000 people living in more than 160 non-profit housing co-operatives located in Toronto and York Region.

Occasional meetings are held at Ryerson – Oakham House/ Student Centre, 55 Gould St.

2. Other Committees – non-elected:

Block Representatives
Bylaw Committee
Lobby Display Box
Strategies for Staying (S4S)
Five-Year Capital Plan Group (President, the Treasurer, and Maintenance Committee Chair, according to 2017-05-03, meeting #20, Board minutes)