Maintenance By-Law #21



Adopted 5 September 1979; renumbered from Schedule C of By-law #2 by By-law #18, 22 March 1990; amended by By-law #27, 19 September 1991; amended by By-law #36, 3 April 1995; consolidated September 2006; amended by By-law #63, 8 May, 2008; amended by By-law #64, 8 May, 2008; amended by By-law #66, 29 Sept 2009;
amended by By-law #68, 29 Sept 2009. Consolidated up to April 2010 and adopted by the members on September 30, 2010.

Each member of the Co-op is responsible for the maintenance and care of Co-op property. This policy is intended to outline such proper care, while stating the responsibilities of both the Co-op and the individual member in keeping the units and property a pleasant place to live.

1. Fees

(a) Wherever mentioned in this schedule, a fee shall consist of a charge equal to the cost price of materials plus a charge for the cost of labour.

(b) The Co-op, at its discretion, may waive or reduce fees or repair requirements where the personal situation of a member so warrants (e.g. financial hardship, poor health, physical handicap, etc.)

(c) All damage caused by the negligence of a member (or by the household or guests of a member) will be the member's responsibility. The Co-op will charge a fee to the member to carry out repairs or replacements necessitated by such damage.

(d) A lockout charge for opening units outside office hours may be levied.

(e) A maintenance Deposit will be paid by all members. The amount of this deposit will be set by the Members.

(f) There will be a fine of for unauthorized alterations to units, and the member may be required to return the unit to its previous state or pay the cost of doing so.

2. Common Area Maintenance – Interior and Exterior

(a) The Co-op is responsible for regular maintenance and periodic redecoration of all interior common areas (e.g. apartment building lobby, corridors and hallways, elevators, stairways, laundry rooms, etc.)

(b) The Co-op is responsible for maintaining and servicing all common mechanical systems and equipment (e.g. elevators, laundry room appliances, domestic hot water systems, main electrical panels and switch gear, etc.).

(c) The Co-op is responsible for regular testing of all safety systems.

(d) The Co-op will have the garbage room and garbage chutes sprayed regularly for pests.

(e) The Co-op will maintain the notice boards.

(f) The Co-op will regularly inspect and maintain all exterior common areas (e.g. outside drains, wails, roofs).

(g) The Co-op is responsible for all exterior painting.

(h) The Co-op is responsible for removal of snow from city sidewalks, the apartment building entrance area and all common walkways.

(i) The Co-op is responsible for gardening and grounds-keeping in common areas.

(j) The Co-op is responsible for all exterior window cleaning.

 3. Unit Maintenance

(a) Painting and Wallpapering

i) Members must follow the rules outlined in the Paint and Paper Policy when painting or wallpapering.

ii) Members are responsible for painting their own units. The Co-op will cover the cost of sufficient paint to repaint according to the Paint Policy. Where a member is physically unable to carry out the painting, the Co-op may provide assistance.

 (b) Windows

 i) The Co-op will replace all broken windows and torn screens. The member may be required to pay the cost.

(c) Floor Coverings

i) The Co-op is responsible for maintaining the urethane finish on hardwood floors.

 ii) Carpets installed by members must be installed in such a way as not to cause permanent damage.

 iii) Carpeting installed by the Co-op will be replaced by the Co-op when worn.

 (d) Appliances

 i) Appliances and their accessories that are the property of the Co-op may only be replaced by the member with written permission from the Co-op.

 ii) The Co-op will maintain the appliances which are the property of the Co-op in working order.

 (e) Plumbing

 i) Members must report leaks or other problems to the Co-op as soon as detected. The Co-op will carry out all plumbing repairs.

 ii) lf a clogged toilet cannot be fixed with a plunger, the member must contact the Co-op.

 iii) Winter draining and turning off of the exterior faucets in the townhouses is the responsibility of the member.

 (f) Electrical

 i) Prior approval for alterations or additions to electrical circuits must be obtained from the Co-op.

ii) Repairs to the unit electrical system will be carried out by the Co-op.

(g) Heating

i) Gas furnaces and domestic hot water tanks (in the townhouses) will be maintained by the Co op.

ii) The electric heating system in the apartments will be maintained by the Co-op.

4. Exterior Private Areas

 (a) Yards

i) Members are responsible for reasonable maintenance of their yards.

ii) Members may not keep livestock in yards or allow refuse to accumulate in yards.

iii) Back gates must remain accessible to allow for entry by utility meter readers.

(b) Fences

 i) Painting and staining of fences, gates and outside wooden steps may be done only by the Co-op in order to maintain uniform appearance. The cost will be borne by the Co-op.

 ii)  The Co-op will repair damaged fences. A fee will be charged if damaged by neglect or abuse.

(c) Front Entrance

i) Members in the townhouses and midrise ground floor apartments are responsible for the maintenance of the front entrance area, including snow removal and removal of rubbish. Each front entrance area extends from the exterior wall of the unit up to and including the City sidewalk in front of the unit. Units that share the same front walkway are mutually responsible for the City sidewalk that extends along the frontage of their townhouse stack. The front of each unit and City sidewalks shall be maintained in accordance with City of Toronto By-laws and/or guidelines.

 5. Health And Safety

(a) Garbage

 i) Garbage must be disposed of according to the Garbage Policy.

(b) Hazards

i) Members must not store flammable materials in their units (e.g. gasoline, oil, large quantities of paint).

 ii) Members must not permit anything to block fire exits, stairs and corridors, or public thoroughfares.

iii) Smoke detectors must not be disconnected or painted.

(c) Pest Control

i) In the event of a serious bug problem in a building, the Co-op will have the right to order the spraying of the whole building.

ii) Should members be incapable of preparing for the spraying, the Co-op will provide assistance. A fee may be charged.

 6. Improvements By Members

(a) Members will be individually responsible for the cost of improvements or alterations to their units.

(b) Fixtures in place are the property of the Co-op.

(c) Replacing or refinishing floor coverings, with the exception of laying a carpet, may be done only with permission from the Co-op.

(d) Major structural changes, such as moving or adding wails, installing additional plumbing, etc., must have prior written approval of the Co-op and must meet all building regulations. Alterations which would reduce the number of rooms will not be permitted. Permanent improvements and alterations, including installation of additional wall coverings (e.g. stucco, tiles, paneling) and built-in furniture may be made only with the prior written approval of the Co-op.

(e) Alterations/renovations approved by the Co-op and undertaken by a member remain the permanent property of the Co-op.

(f) Upon termination of Occupancy no compensation will be given for said alteration/renovation.

 7. Move-Outs And Move-Ins

(a) Move-outs

i) Upon a member giving notice of move-out, as specified by the By-laws, an inspection of that member's unit will be carried out by the Co-op within fifteen (15) days.

ii) On completion of the inspection, the Co-op will provide the member with a list of repairs required (if any) to bring the unit up to a condition which, in the Co-op's opinion, is reasonable.

iii) The member will have thirty (30) days in which to complete the repairs at which time a second inspection will be carried out by the Co-op.

iv) Money on deposit will not be refunded until after the Co-op has received vacant possession of the unit.

v) The deposit may be applied against the cost of repairs or heavy cleaning if required.

 (b) Move-Ins

i) On move-in, a unit inspection will be carried out by the Co-op in the presence of the new member. A report on the condition of the unit will be signed by both the new member and the Co-op.

ii) The Co-op is responsible for supplying paint for any approved repainting. The painting must comply with the Painting and Wallpapering Policy, as well as Section 3 UNIT MAINTENANCE, subsection (a) Painting and Wallpapering.

 8. Inspections

(a) Each unit will be inspected regularly by the Co-op, as per the Inspections Policy.

 (b) The Co-op will be responsible for giving two weeks advance notice of the inspection. The member will be notified of the date(s) of the inspection and that the inspector(s) will enter their unit between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. of that day. In order to carry out the inspections expeditiously, the Coop cannot specify the exact hour between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. that the inspection will be done in any particular unit.

Consolidated up to April 2010 and adopted by the members on September 30, 2010.