Organizational By-Law: CHFC Model and our current by-law

The Co-op Housing Federation of Canada’s model Organizational By-Law is intended to replace our current by-law 1.

The By-Law Committee plans to start reviewing this model and our related current by-laws.

CHFC model Organizational By-Law

Guide to the Organizational By-Law
Guide_to_Organizational By Law_2015

Our current in-effect by-law that needs updating:

Membership model by-law

Updated:  March 22, 2017

Here is a version of the model by-law from CHFT.

The work is just beginning on the Membership By-Law. The By-Law Committee and Membership Committee met with a CHFT rep to look at it and the Membership Committee is taking the lead on revision.

Membership Approval and Unit Allocation By-Law (CHFT’s version)
While this by-law has useful language and works with the Occupancy By-Law, it speaks of an appointed committee. Woodsworth would need to reword this.

Membership Approval and Unit Allocation By-law – CHFT – word