Bylaw Committee – Bylaw Revisions

The Bylaw Committee is working on updating several bylaws. Here are quick links to posts on this website, including background resources and in some cases, model bylaws. The link does not retrieve in-effect current bylaws – those appear separately on our website.

Occupancy Bylaw revision

Organizational Bylaw revision

Membership Bylaw revision

Rent Supplement revision

Updated:  December 14, 2018

Yard Waste – No More until March 2019

Please note that there are no more yard-waste pickups until next March.

Yard waste cannot be put into your green bin, garbage bin, or blue bin, but can be taken to a drop-off depot.

Keep your yard-waste on your property over the winter, or check the City of Toronto website for the waste drop-off depots.

The closest one to Woodsworth is on Commissioners Street. Free for up to 20 kilos. Note: they never take grass, but they do take other yard waste.

From the Landscape Committee

Holiday Office Hours, December 2018, January 2019

Monday December 24th – 10am – 1pm

Tuesday December 25th – closed

Wednesday December 26th – closed

Thursday December 27th – closed

Friday December 28th – closed

Monday December 31st – closed

Tuesday January 1st – closed

Wednesday January 2nd – regular hours

In case of an emergency, please contact on-call at (416) 809-7851.

Finding Windows Project Info on the Website

Interested in the windows project?

When we reorganized the website, we created a category just for this kind of information. It is in the topic Office. In Current Capital Projects. The newest posts appear first in Current Capital Projects.

We’ll post any updates to the schedule or other information we get from Management or the Board. It focuses on major projects like replacing the windows.

Only information for members. Sorry, no contracts or similar documents on the website.

Check in Office or look for the newest posts in the right sidebar. You could also subscribe to get email notices about new posts.