Member Directory By-Law #73



Enacted at the May 28, 2013 GMM.
Replacing By-Law 61 which was repealed on Sept 23, 2013. 

(A By-Law relating generally to the publication of an annual directory of
the Woodsworth Housing Co-operative Incorporated.)


1.01  General
1.01.1  Members of the co–operative may produce a directory (hereinafter known as the “Directory”) on behalf of the co–operative by following this by–law.

 2.00  PURPOSE

2.01  Provision of Information for Members
Woodsworth Housing Co-operative Incorporated (the “Co-op”) is an intentional community founded pursuant to the Co-operative Corporations Act, R.S.O. 1990, C. c. 35 (the “Act”), as amended from time to time. As such, it relies upon a current directory of its residents to encourage that essential co-operative community spirit and facilitate democratic functioning. The purpose of the directory is to provide co-op members information which includes the following:

2.01.1  Directory Information
(a) Name of the members of the co-operative;
(b) Unit numbers of the co-operative;
(c) Name and telephone number of the members of the current board of directors, committee chairs and other members holding recognized positions within the Co-op;
(d) Name, address and telephone number of the current property management firm;
(e) Telephone number of the residents of the co-operative; and
(f) Such other general and helpful information, for example, email addresses of the residents of the co-operative, a map of the co-operative, emergency and other useful contact numbers, etc.


3.01 Elected Chair
3.01.01  There shall be one chair who shall be elected at a general meeting of the members of the co-operative (“GMM”).

3.02  Duties of Chair
3.02.01  The chair is primarily responsible for convening and conducting meetings, creating the agenda, reaching consensus on content and layout of the directory, and for ensuring that there is a team for the production of the directory.

3.03  Directory Committee
3.03.1  There shall be a directory committee consisting of volunteers who must be members of the co–operative. No administrative staff member or any non-member shall be on the committee.

3.03.2  Duties of Committee Members
3.03.3  Committee members are tasked with following duties, namely;
attending committee meetings, collecting data, typing, editing, layout, printing, collating, distribution; and such other duties as may seem meet for the propitious and timely production of the directory.


4.01  Primary Authority
4.01.1  The co-op is a provincial corporation pursuant to the Act supra; AND as such, Woodsworth Housing Co–operative Incorporation is the de facto proprietor and publisher of the directory.

4.02  Publication Date
4.02.1  The directory committee chair is responsible for the directory’s publication date, as early as possible after the annual general meeting (“AGM”).

4.03  Removal of Chair
4.03.1  The committee may request that the chair resign or may recommend to the board of directors that a chair be removed.


5.01  Collection of Information
5.01.1  Annually, the directory committee shall notify co-op residents through the weekly newsletter of its intention to publish the directory, and subsequently shall issue a prescribed form in order that members may record any changes to their directory information from the previous year. This may include additions, such as, new telephone numbers, email addresses; or conversions in respect of unit occupancy; and

(a) Failing to receive any change or changes of information from individual units, subject to section 5.02.1, the directory committee will proceed using as source material that which was provided in the previous year;

(b) The secretary or designate shall transmit the composition of the newly elected board of directors to the directory committee chair with information, such as, their duties and committee liaison appointments; and

(c) Each committee chair or designate shall compile a list of active individual members of their respective committees in a timely fashion, and transmit such list expressly in writing to the directory chair for publication in said directory; and

(d) It is clearly understood that certain committees become inactive or dormant from time to time due to a variety of reasons. Such inactive committees that remain silent will be considered dormant, and the secretary shall be notified by the directory chair that these committees will not appear in the current year's directory.

5.02  Verification of Content
 The chair shall submit the directory list, prior to its publication, to the co-operative’s agent or registrar in order to confirm verify and validate the match between each member and his or her occupied unit and vice versa.

5.03  Unlisted Telephone Numbers
5.03.1  A member may apply in writing to the directory committee to have his or her telephone number or numbers excluded from the directory.

5.04  Inclusion of Residents
 Members with the agreement of the long-term guest may include the name, telephone number and email of residents in their units; including long-term guests and children over the age of sixteen.

5.05  Confidentiality of Content
 The directory list is strictly for internal co-operative use only, and is not to be shared with any non-resident or any outside group, entity or entities (R.S.O. 1990, c. 35, ss. 120, 121).

5.05.2  Trafficking in Lists
Trafficking in such lists is stringently prohibited by the Act, and each member has a responsibility to maintain the privacy of such information.

5.05.4  Neither the co-operative nor its agents assume any liability whatsoever in respect of a member’s or members’ information falling into third party hands.

5.06  Currency of Published Directory
 The directory committee will publish any changes to the directory pursuant to this by-law in the Co-op’s newsletter in order that members may update the information in their directories from time to time.

Participation By-Law #23



(passed Jan. 23, 1984 as By-law No. 11) Reconfirmed by members on September 30, 2010 as part of the adoption of the consolidated by-laws.

1. Each member shall participate in the operations of the Co-op by sitting on the Board or a committee, or volunteering time in some other area of the Co-op's operation. Each member will be expected to contribute an average of four hours per month.

2. Members will be required, upon joining the Co-op and annually thereafter, to list the activities and/or committees for which they are available.

3. Each member will normally give a minimum of one year commitment to the chosen participation activity.

4. Each year the Board will provide an up-to-date list of Approved Volunteer Activities, with provisions for members to make particular individual requests.

5. Members who have contributed an average of eight (8) hours or more a month may apply for a one year sabbatical.

6. A member may apply to the Board for exemption from this participation requirement for reasons of health or employment or others acceptable to the Board.

7. No member will be considered in breach of this policy if there are no volunteer positions open.

8. Breach of this policy will affect a member's status in the Co-op.

9. An Annual Survey of the Membership shall include an outline of "Implementation Procedures" as they exist at that time.

Consolidated up to April 2010 and adopted by the members on September 30, 2010.