W4W (Wine for Woodsworth) 2017

W4W, Wine for Woodsworth,  is a sub committee.  Its purpose is to manage the money that David Ibbetson bequeathed to Woodsworth.  His intention was to improve the quality of wine at our social events.

We are now in our third year and have contributed to various committees that were having parties. We have also organized several tastings which are open to all members.  These have been very successful largely because Angela Heffernan, one of our members, is an expert in the field.  Her informal manner and her knowledge of wine are perfect for helping us achieve David’s goal.

We hope to use our website posts to encourage committees to use the fund, to announce events and to record the wines tasted. If you have questions, ideas, and recommendations, please send them to wine4woodsworth@gmail.com

2017 tastings


David Ibbetson’s Legacy continues!


August 2015

You are Invited!

An informal wine tasting , with our resident expert Angela Heffernan in attendance, will be held on Sunday September 20th between the hours of two and five p.m., in the Penthouse.

A selection of wines with appropriate pairings of light food will be offered.
Come and enjoy what promises to be a fun and pleasant afternoon.

We can accept just 40 members and longterm guests for this first celebration of David’s gift to us. Your early response is advised!

From the The David Ibbetson Legacy Committee

To accept this invitation, please download, print and fill out the attached PDF document and deposit it in the Box in the Midrise Photocopy Room. For help with PDFs, see our post on PDF software. Or get a copy of the invitation response form from the Weekly.

wine reservation