Grew Up in Woodsworth, Live Here But Not a Member?

Did you grow up in the Co-op, live here but aren't a member? The committee will be holding Educational Interviews for Turning 16’s, teenagers who have grown up in Woodsworth and are at least 16 years of age. 

The interview session is being held on Thursday, June 1 in the the  Boardroom starting at 7:00 pm. If you are interested in attending, please let us know by emailing the committee.

The committee has also recently decided to open these interviews to any young people  who have grown up in the Co-op and are currently living in the Co-op, but have not yet become a member. Please email the committee with your name, age, who your parents are, how many years you've lived in the co-op and what unit you are living in, to see if you qualify to attend this session.

Email –

Cooperatively yours,

the Membership Committee

Ontario’s Apology Act

At a human rights workshop in the co-op, we learned that Ontario has an Apology Act, which came into force in Ontario on April 23, 2009. It allows us to express sorrow or regret without worrying that the comments can later be used against us in a civil lawsuit.

Yes, that means that you can say you are sorry, and this apology can’t be used to prove you are responsible for whatever you apologized for. 
An apology:
    • is not an admission of liability,
    • does not void or impair an insurance contract, and
    • is not taken into account in determining liability

But don’t admit liability. If you run into someone else’s car, you can say you are terribly sorry that this happened, but don’t say it was all your fault.  An admission of liability is still an admission of liability.

An apology is often key to the healing process; it can promote accountability and transparency and shorten or avoid litigation.

Here's the legislation:

Apology Act, S.O. 2009, c3.
Consolidation Period: From April 23, 2009 to the e-Laws currency date. No Amendments.


1. In this Act,

“apology” means an expression of sympathy or regret, a statement that a person is sorry or any other words or actions indicating contrition or commiseration, whether or not the words or actions admit fault or liability or imply an admission of fault or liability in connection with the matter to which the words or actions relate. 2009, c. 3, s. 1.

Effect of apology on liability

2. (1) An apology made by or on behalf of a person in connection with any matter,

(a) does not, in law, constitute an express or implied admission of fault or liability by the person in connection with that matter;

(b) does not, despite any wording to the contrary in any contract of insurance or indemnity and despite any other Act or law, void, impair or otherwise affect any insurance or indemnity coverage for any person in connection with that matter; and

(c) shall not be taken into account in any determination of fault or liability in connection with that matter. 2009, c. 3, s. 2 (1).


(2) Clauses (1) (a) and (c) do not apply for the purposes of proceedings under the Provincial Offences Act. 2009, c. 3, s. 2 (2).

Evidence of apology not admissible

(3) Despite any other Act or law, evidence of an apology made by or on behalf of a person in connection with any matter is not admissible in any civil proceeding, administrative proceeding or arbitration as evidence of the fault or liability of any person in connection with that matter. 2009, c. 3, s. 2 (3).


(4) However, if a person makes an apology while testifying at a civil proceeding, including while testifying at an out of court examination in the context of the civil proceeding, at an administrative proceeding or at an arbitration, this section does not apply to the apology for the purposes of that proceeding or arbitration. 2009, c. 3, s. 2 (4).

Criminal or provincial offence proceeding or conviction

3. Nothing in this Act affects,

(a) the admissibility of any evidence in, 

(i) a criminal proceeding, including a prosecution for perjury, or

(ii) a proceeding under the Provincial Offences Act; or

(b) the use that may be made in the proceedings referred to in subsection 2 (3) of a conviction for a criminal or provincial offence. 2009, c. 3, s. 3.

Acknowledgment, Limitations Act, 2002

4. For the purposes of section 13 of the Limitations Act, 2002, nothing in this Act,

(a) affects whether an apology constitutes an acknowledgment of liability; or

(b) prevents an apology from being admitted in evidence. 2009, c. 3, s. 4.

5. Omitted (provides for coming into force of provisions of this Act). 2009, c. 3, s. 5.

6. Omitted (enacts short title of this Act). 2009, c. 3, s. 6.


Finding information on our website – a tip sheet

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Participation By-Law #23



(passed Jan. 23, 1984 as By-law No. 11) Reconfirmed by members on September 30, 2010 as part of the adoption of the consolidated by-laws.

1. Each member shall participate in the operations of the Co-op by sitting on the Board or a committee, or volunteering time in some other area of the Co-op's operation. Each member will be expected to contribute an average of four hours per month.

2. Members will be required, upon joining the Co-op and annually thereafter, to list the activities and/or committees for which they are available.

3. Each member will normally give a minimum of one year commitment to the chosen participation activity.

4. Each year the Board will provide an up-to-date list of Approved Volunteer Activities, with provisions for members to make particular individual requests.

5. Members who have contributed an average of eight (8) hours or more a month may apply for a one year sabbatical.

6. A member may apply to the Board for exemption from this participation requirement for reasons of health or employment or others acceptable to the Board.

7. No member will be considered in breach of this policy if there are no volunteer positions open.

8. Breach of this policy will affect a member's status in the Co-op.

9. An Annual Survey of the Membership shall include an outline of "Implementation Procedures" as they exist at that time.

Consolidated up to April 2010 and adopted by the members on September 30, 2010.