Booking the Penthouse or Board Room

  • To book the penthouse party room or the second floor board / committee room, please contact the co-op office.
  • To access the rooms:
    • Penthouse – top floor – your fob will open the room.
    • Board room – 2nd floor – You need to contact On-Call to have the room opened for you. This room is normally only available for Board or committee meetings or activities.
  • Using the Penthouse party room as a common room:
    If the penthouse room is not reserved for a meeting or for a private event, feel free to use the room as a lounge. Your fob will unlock the room. Be sure to clean up after yourself!
  • Outdoor space:
    You cannot reserve the roof deck for a private event. It is always available for use by the members even if the room is reserved. Your fob gets you out onto the roof deck.
  • WiFi:
    Both rooms have passworded WiFi. You may find the Penthouse password posted on the wall near the TV in the penthouse.
  • For more information about using the party room, see the Penthouse Room Use Policy.

Penthouse Party Room Window Signage Restriction

PARTY ROOM USERS – New Restriction on Window Signage / Decor

Please note that we have recently installed heat controlling / UV blocking window film on the Party Room windows and sliding doors in order to cut air conditioning costs, prevent fading and reduce glare on the television. Please do not decorate or post signage on these surfaces — the film will tear when the adhesive (i.e. stickers, decals, suction cups, glue, putty, scotch, masking, painter’s and removable double stick tape.) is pulled off.

NB: Damage incurred will impact room deposits and or future room use privileges where applicable.

The sidelight beside the main party room door has a white board where you are encouraged to post your room booking when in use. There is no film on this glass – because it is not exposed to the sun. Decor & signage can be applied there as long as it does not obstruct the view for On-Call safety purposes.

Your cooperation is appreciated.

Penthouse Refurbishment Sub-Committee