Festive Lunch, Wednesday January 9, 2019 and Souper Lunches

Following another communal soup lunch, these dates have been confirmed:

Tuesday December 11 (souper lunch)

Wednesday January 9 (Festive Lunch)

[other 2019 dates will be set shortly]

Most members will know that the Festive Lunch is the only time we require advance notice of attendance.  Those of you who would like to join us in January should prepare to come to the December Souper Lunch, where tickets for the Festive Lunch will be on sale.  Yet again we will sell tickets for $5.00.

We are able to keep at this price due to the many members who contribute food for this buffet.  If you have a special dish you would like to prepare for this meal, please send an email to woodsworths4s@gmail.com, or tell Jocelyn Thompson or Marilyn Richards.

We continue to offer our regular Souper Lunch where a choice of Woodsworth-made soups, a selection of breads and dessert and a beverage are served, for the low cost of $2.00.  We have been able to keep this low rate thanks to donations from our soup makers, who receive a small honorarium, and through donations of bread and desserts from Loblaws at Queens Quay.  Unfortunately the new Manager at Loblaws has decided that the store can no longer support our program.  We have, however, been able to source bread from Cobbs, and members have offered to bring baked goods to supplement our dessert table.  If you would like to bring a dessert please let us know!

To assist in keeping clean-up to a minimum, we do ask that you bring your own mug for coffee or tea.

If at all possible, it also helps to let us know how many members might be coming – a brief email to woodsworths4s@gmail.com would be great, or you can leave a message with either Ian or Marilyn Richards at 416-214-3833.

We look forward to seeing you at our next lunch.

S4S Holiday Party, Wednesday December 19, 2018

An update on the S4S holiday party In addition to a good time, come and enjoy lunch, wine, some puzzles and our annual “Once in a Lifetime” auction. All free!

By popular demand, Audrey West returns as auctioneer! Plan to bring an item. Anything and everything will be auctioned – except pets, plants and partners! The items are real; only the money is mock.
Where & When: The Penthouse on Wednesday, Dec 19, at 12:00.

Rules and Guidelines for a Mock Auction

Every participant brings an item to be auctioned. What kind of item? Anything you no longer need – a vase, a dish, a piece of jewelry, a gadget, a good book, a work of art, a CD or DVD, a tool or appliance, a clothing accessory, or even a batch of cookies.

Bring your item in a box or bag. Part of the fun in this game is in not knowing what items are still coming up for bidding.

The Accountant enters each participant’s name and gives everyone a “kitty” of play money.

To start the game, the Auctioneer picks up an item, unwraps it and asks for a bid. She proceeds in the usual manner to get increases in the bidding until there are no more, at which time the item is declared “Sold” and the Accountant deducts the amount from that buyer’s “kitty.” (At any time during the auction you can ask how much you have left in your “kitty.”) The Auctioneer then continues the auction.

The fun and suspense of the game is that although it’s not real money, you have only a definite amount to spend but you don’t know what kind of items are coming up to bid on, so you have to choose your strategy.

Afterwards, the winners can exchange items among themselves if they so desire.

Adapted from a submission by John Boyd

Sponsored by S4S

W4W (Wine for Woodsworth) 2017

W4W, Wine for Woodsworth,  is a sub committee.  Its purpose is to manage the money that David Ibbetson bequeathed to Woodsworth.  His intention was to improve the quality of wine at our social events.

We are now in our third year and have contributed to various committees that were having parties. We have also organized several tastings which are open to all members.  These have been very successful largely because Angela Heffernan, one of our members, is an expert in the field.  Her informal manner and her knowledge of wine are perfect for helping us achieve David’s goal.

We hope to use our website posts to encourage committees to use the fund, to announce events and to record the wines tasted. If you have questions, ideas, and recommendations, please send them to wine4woodsworth@gmail.com

2017 tastings