Free Snow Removal from City of Toronto Sidewalks – application form


The form (below) instructs you to tick all that apply.

  • Over age 65 (proof of Senior citizen card attached)
  • Under age 65 and have a physical disability. I am unable to remove snow from the sidewalk without endangering my health. Proof of disability (i.e. accessible parking permit or doctor’s note) is attached.
  • No relatives under age 65 reside at this address
    Relatives under age 65 residing at this address have a physical disability. His/her/their health would be endangered by removing snow from the sidewalk.

The city does not clear apartment house walkways. If you are on Wilton Street, you may have to explain that you are in a street-access townhouse that is on the ground floor of the building.

Application form – click on the down arrow under the image (PDF) 
to download the document for printing.