Finding Your Way around our Website

A tip sheet on finding information on our website.

The website has all of our approved bylaws and policies, our rules of order for GMMs, floor plans, election information, contact information, how to apply for accommodation for a disability, some financial information like rent supplements and special charges like lock-out, penthouse information and more. The key is knowing where to find it!

We now have fewer topics appearing on our home page. All the committees are grouped, alphabetically, in Committees. Most content from here also appears in a subject topic. And if you likely would go to the office to ask about something, it will appear in the Office category.

Mobile users:

If you are using a cellphone, the content will all be there but organized a bit differently. The same is true for an iPad if held vertically.

You can click on Menu, and then on Topics in the horizontal navigation menu to pull up the topics menu on your screen.

Don’t forget, members can sign up to receive an email whenever something new is posted on our website.

using the coop website tip sheet November 2018 Rev