Notes towards a Woodsworth Environmental Policy

Woodsworth doesn’t yet have an environmental policy. One of the seven principles of co-operation is concern for community. While focusing on member needs, co-operatives work for the sustainable development of their communities through policies approved by their members.

    1. The Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation produced a guide to healthy housing in 2010.
    2. A model environmental sustainability policy from CHFC.

Why is patio drainage important (Wilton Street units)

Information for Wilton Street members with patios:

Without proper drainage, that is, surface drainage and subsurface drainage, the following may occur:
–  water may soak into the building foundations;
–  the patio itself may settle/subside, throwing it off-level;
–  general flooding may occur;
–  landscaping may be ruined;
–  and insects and bacteria may breed in standing water causing health issues, etc.

Descriptor and remedies –
Our midrise patios use 2’×2′ cement tiles, with gravel underneath.

Between these tiles there are gaps which are needed for drainage. They should be filled only with sand and kept free of soil, clay, and weeds ;

To avoid /prevent clogging with in the gaps and into the gravel, a geotextile layer (landscape fabric) can be useful. This would also prevent the drain pipe from becoming clogged with weeds, soil, dirt, debris, and gravel ;

There should be a gradient (pitch, slope, fall) towards the drain, of at least one percent ( 1 %) — or better still — two percent ( 2% ) . This would represent the equivalent of a quarter inch (¼ ” ) for every foot (1.0’) or three and a  quarter inches (3 ¼”) for thirteen feet (13 .0 ‘) .

If you have any questions, please drop us a line or send us an e-mail (address below) .

Maintenance Committee

** For future reference only : — the so-called “French drain” might also be used for patio drainage. This drain is a lined ditch, filled with gravel, sloping towards the drain.

Addendum to the Maintenance Committee minutes of September 13, 2017.

A downloadable copy of the memo:

Addendum A to MC Minutes 13 Sep 17 Patio Drain


The Hoarding Issue: a guide for Woodsworth


Hoarding generates health and fire hazards, and poses a problem for everyone. The challenge is finding means of dealing with it within the framework of cooperative principles.

Most hoarders do not recognize or acknowledge that they have a problem, and so others must step in to help ameliorate and hopefully turn around the situation. Hoarding is considered a mental health issue because it is involuntary and unconscious, and requires self-awareness remediation as well as “extreme cleaning” of one’s unit to remove fire hazards.

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