Garbage Policy



Amended October 18, 1994
Amended November, 2008

(Note: The most recent City of Toronto Garbage/Recycling pamphlets

should accompany this document and are available

at its Web Site – )


1. Regular trash pick-up from street access units occurs once a week. Garbage
pick-up changes will be posted and published in the Weekly.

RECYCLING – TOWNHOUSE (including Wilton Street units)

City Pick-up

Newspapers and Blue Boxes are collected on Tuesdays. Blue Boxes should be put out only when full. Newspapers must be bundled with string or stored in plastic bags. Phone books and corrugated cardboard boxes (flattened and bundled) may be included with the newspaper pickup. Please see attached list for items which may be included in your Blue Box.

Garden Waste

Members should make every effort to compost leaves in either the garden itself or in the composter, instead of throwing it out as garbage. The City recommends that grass clippings be left on the lawn. The City will pick up weeds, leaves and plant trimmings for composting if they are put out in open containers. Branches and twigs less than 3 inches thick (7.5 cm) must be tied in bundles less than 2 feet in diameter and 4 feet long.


Members living in townhouses are strongly encouraged to acquire their own composters and utilize them in their own backyards. Alternately, any member may make use of the community compost bins located at the top of the garage ramp. Information is available through the Environment Committee regarding the acquisition and use of composters.

When using the Community Composter, please deposit PLANT material only. Meat and dairy products attract raccoons and other pests. Also, please deposit your waste IN the bin, not leave it in a plastic bag on top. There is no "compost fairy" who will empty it for you.

See list posted near composter for items which should and should not be composted.

Bulk Pick-up

You may arrange special pick-up of items of furniture such as box springs or dressers, and any other item heavier than 20kg (44 lb.) or longer than 1.2m (4 ft.) by calling 905-513-2716. There is a maximum of 3 items per pick-up.


Chute Rooms

No waste may obstruct use of the garbage chutes. Members are requested to remind others to adhere to this policy, and report to the Board or office serious ongoing infringements.

Glass must not be thrown down the chute, even if enclosed in bags, because of danger of injury to staff handling the garbage or costly damage to the composter or the chute. Glass items not suitable for recycling must be taken to the dumpster at the top of the ramp.

Recyclable material must not be left on the floor of the chute room, since this increases the workload for the caretaker who must clean it up. The Blue Boxes in the chute rooms are only for those members physically unable to transport their recyclables to the garage.


Blue Bags

Recyclable material (see attached Blue Box list) should be collected in each unit's Blue Bag and taken to the basement garage to be emptied in the Recycling bins there.


All members are urged to compost their organic waste. Members may use the communal compost adjacent to the outside laundry facility. (List of things which may be composted is posted beside the composter)


The City of Toronto provides pick-up of hazardous wastes. Woodsworth Co-op has arranged for pick-up of waste on a quarterly basis. Members are required to dispose of their hazardous wastes at these times and not dispose of them with regular garbage pick-up. Advance notice of pick-ups will be given in The Woodsworth Weekly. Types of waste for the Toxic Taxi include: Varsol, old paint, strong cleaning fluids, etc. You may contact Toxic taxi by calling 416-392-4330.

You may contact Toxic Taxi by calling 416-392-4330.


Members are requested to recycle all bond paper using the barrels provided outside the Office and in the townhouse laundry facility.

See attached list for paper products which may be deposited in the barrel.


Members must use the two garbage receptacles, which are provided in the courtyard area adjacent to Albert Franck Place. One is for pop cans only, and the other for remaining litter. Both are clearly marked.


Members are required to recycle their used natural Christmas trees by leaving them for City pick-up on the designated days after Christmas. Announcements of pick-up dates will appear in The Woodsworth Weekly.


Members (including the elderly and the disabled) who are unable to deposit their own garbage, may seek assistance from other members, or may contact the Environment Committee for advice.


Put out only when full.

Include only:

* glass bottles and jars
* metal food and beverage cans
* plastic bottles and jugs


* bundle newspapers with string or store in bags
* include phone books
* flatten and bundle corrugated cardboard
* NO cereal/shoe-type boxes or pizza boxes


* grass clippings – leave on lawn or put out for collection in
open containers
* weeds, plant trimmings – put out in clear bags or open
* branches, twigs – less than 7.5 cm (3 in.) thick only. Tie in
bundles less than 0.6 m (2 ft.) in diameter and 1.2 m (4 ft) long
* fall leaves – rake and sweep to curb


The following paper may be put in the recycling paper barrel:

* copy paper (both white and colour)
* computer paper (both laser and non-laser)
* NCR/carbonless forms
* Woodsworth Weekly

Consolidated up to April 2010 and adopted September 30, 2010.