Booking the Penthouse or Board Room

  • To book the penthouse party room or the second floor board / committee room, please contact the co-op office.
  • To access the rooms:
    • Penthouse – top floor – your fob will open the room.
    • Board room – 2nd floor – You need to contact On-Call to have the room opened for you. This room is normally only available for Board or committee meetings or activities.
  • Using the Penthouse party room as a common room:
    If the penthouse room is not reserved for a meeting or for a private event, feel free to use the room as a lounge. Your fob will unlock the room. Be sure to clean up after yourself!
  • Outdoor space:
    You cannot reserve the roof deck for a private event. It is always available for use by the members even if the room is reserved. Your fob gets you out onto the roof deck.
  • WiFi:
    Both rooms have passworded WiFi. You may find the Penthouse password posted on the wall near the TV in the penthouse.
  • For more information about using the party room, see the Penthouse Room Use Policy.