Woodsworth By-Law Numbers (By-Law History)

Revised:  July 14, 2017

A complete list of all by-law numbers up to the revision date. It includes numbers that were skipped, by-laws that have been repealed, and amendments to by-laws. If you are looking for a history of Woodsworth's by-laws, this is the place to look! 

Consolidation history:
September 30, 2010: By-laws were consolidated up to April 2010, making the consolidated By-laws the approved By-laws of Woodsworth Housing Co-op.

March 1991: Earlier consolidation. By-law numbers prior to 1991 have conflicting information. Some numbers are used more than once. This list includes these anomalies and we have maintained the histories from the 1991 consolidation, in spite of these inconsistencies.

Some by-law amendments were passed without numbers:
Amendment to Organizational By-Law #1 – Feb 27, 1980, June 23, 1980, Jan 23, 1984.
Amendment to Occupancy By-Law #2 – May 31, 1988
Amendment to Rules By-Law #19 – Apr 23, 1980
Amendment to Membership By-Law #20 – Apr 2, 1981, June 23, 1980
Amendment to Maintenance By-Law #21 – Apr 23, 1980, Sept 14, 1981.

By-law numbers are accurate from 1991 onwards.

Renewing the Membership By-Law – core documents

The Membership Committee is taking the lead on this endeavour.

Our current Membership By-Law:


Our current Internal Relocation policy:


CHFT Model Membership Approval and Unit Allocation By-Law (update coming to this model)

Download (PDF, 281KB)


No Airbnb, B&B or Vacation Rentals Allowed at Woodsworth

Did You Know? 

It is against our by-laws to use your unit as an Airbnb, Bed and Breakfast or other variations of similarly popular tempting money makers:

Occupancy By-Law, Section 24: Private Residences: "Units shall be used as private residences for members and their households, and for other persons in accordance with this by-law.” 

Section 7.09: 

"No Profit”
(a) Any arrangements for sharing expenses among persons occupying a Unit, must not directly or indirectly permit a profit to any member, 

(b) Members may not profit on surrendering occupancy rights or granting temporary occupancy rights. Any profit which may be realized by members out of their right to occupy a Unit in the Co-op shall be the property of the Co-op.”

If you wish to sublet your unit, see the by-laws online or check with the office. You and your sub-lessee will have to sign an agreement overseen by the office. This applies to all units in our housing co-op – on Wilton Street, George Street South, Frederick Street, and Albert Franck Place.

Committee Vacancies and By-elections Policy


Committee Vacancies and By-elections Policy

Approved by the GMM on September 28, 2011

Woodsworth Housing Co-op members elect directors, members of some key committees, committee chairs for some committees and delegates / representatives for co-op and community organizations. This policy mandates how Woodsworth proceeds when a vacancy occurs on a committee between the normal election time (AGM's).

1. Directors

Vacancies for directors will be filled following Bylaw 1 (Organizational Bylaw), ARTICLE IV – DIRECTORS, section 4.

2. Elected Committees – when the entire committee is elected by members (e.g. membership and arrears committees):

(a) If there is a quorum remaining on the committee, the committee can vote to carry the vacancy until the next annual co-op elections.

(b) If there is no quorum or if the committee wishes to fill the vacancy, the vacancy is filled by by-election or by committee vote, depending on the time left before the next AGM.

(i) To fill a vacancy in the first eight (8) months of an election year, a by-election will be held at the next regularly scheduled General Members’ Meeting for the membership to elect a replacement to complete the remainder of the full term.

(ii) To fill a vacancy in the last four (4) months of an election year, the committee can appoint a replacement to fill the position until the next annual co-op elections. The appointment takes effect immediately, but the election of the committee member must be put on the agenda for the next members' meeting. The appointment will be considered confirmed unless the members elect someone else.

3. Elected Committee Chairswhen the chair of the committee is the only elected member (e.g. Editorial Committee).

The committee must inform the Board of Directors committee liaison and the membership that a vacancy has occurred and that a vote on replacement will take place.

Any Woodsworth member who has attended any two of the last three meetings of the committee can vote at the meeting. However, any member is eligible to be appointed or elected.

(a) The committee can vote to fill the vacancy until the next AGM by appointment without a by-election. The replacement can come from the committee or be another volunteer member. The term for the replacement member will be until the next elections at the annual general meeting.

(b) If the committee votes to fill the vacancy through by-election, a by-election will take place at the next regularly scheduled General Members' Meeting for the membership to elect a replacement to complete the remainder of the full term.

4. Delegates (SLNA, CHFC, CHFT and alternates)

As the delegates are not part of a committee, the Board of Directors must advertise the vacancy to the membership. If there are more candidates than positions, a by-election will take place. If there is a match between the number of candidates and positions, the Board of Directors should appoint the candidate and report to the members.

5. Candidates and Appointments:

– Committees may solicit candidates from unsuccessful candidates at the last AGM, member surveys, from requests for volunteers in the Weekly, from members who have served on that committee in the past and members at large.

– The decision about who will fill the vacancy must be made at a committee meeting.

– The successful candidate’s name must be published as soon as possible.