Board of Directors Elected 2016 – 2017

2016 – 2017

At the November 15, 2016 GMM:

Board of Directors:  (4 x 2-year term until Nov. 2018) (2 x 1-year term until Nov. 2017)

New Members:     Pamela Dewey, Lynda Francis, Barbara Landry, Jill MacDonald, Nancy Moores and Lynn Wright   (ACCLAIMED)
Joining:                Ian Richards

President:  Pamela Dewey  
Vice President:  Ian Richards  
Treasurer:  Valerie Veinotte (appointment)
Secretary:  Lynda Francis 
Barbara Landry, 
Nancy Moores,
Lynn Wright
Jill Macdonald (resigned).  At a By-Election:  Anne-Maree Williams was elected,  for a term ending November 2017)

Board of Directors & Liaisons for Committees (2015)

UPDATE June 2015

Roles of Board members:

President Pamela Dewey
Vice President Bob Allan
Corporate Secretary Catherine Young
Treasurer Valerie Veinotte (appointment)
Members at Large Bill Farrell, Lynda Francis, Adrian Hill, Ronny Yaron

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Woodsworth Election Results, 2014-2015

Elections were held at the Annual General Meeting on November 17, 2014.

Board of Directors: (4x 2 year term)
Bob Allan
Bill Farrell
Lynda Francis
Catherine Young

Pamela Dewey
Adrian Hill
Ronny Yaron

Arrears Committee: (2 x 2 year term)
Dean Geddes
Rachel Porretta

Bob Allan
Catherine Young

Membership Committee ( 4 x 2 year term & 1 x 1 year term)
Arlene Markow (1 Year)
Randy Beauchamp
Louise Murdoch
Gordon Taylor
Monika Weiss

Aaron Battle
Lori Baxter
Margaret Nanlal
Ian Richards

Reconciliation Committee: (3 x 2 year term)
Irma Belasco
Wendy Massie
Diane McIntyre

B.J. Del Conte
Emily Pless
Rachel Porretta

Co op Management Committee (1 x 2 year)
Marilyn Reid

Patty Porretta
Marilyn Richards

Finance Committee, Chair (1 x 1 year)
Paul Carr

Directory Committee, Chair (1 x 1 year)
Eileen Samuel

SLNA Delegates (2 x 2 year)
Sian Ferguson
Yanina Jezek
Joining: Ronny Yaron

CHFT Delegate & Alternate (2 x 1 year term)
Monika Weiss
Ronny Yaron

CHFC Delegate & Alternate (2 x 1 year term)
Randy Beauchamp
Bill Farrell