The Hoarding Issue: a guide for Woodsworth


Hoarding generates health and fire hazards, and poses a problem for everyone. The challenge is finding means of dealing with it within the framework of cooperative principles.

Most hoarders do not recognize or acknowledge that they have a problem, and so others must step in to help ameliorate and hopefully turn around the situation. Hoarding is considered a mental health issue because it is involuntary and unconscious, and requires self-awareness remediation as well as “extreme cleaning” of one’s unit to remove fire hazards.

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The Duty to Accommodate in Housing Co-ops in Ontario

At the request of the Board of Directors, two members, John and Jennifer gave Woodsworth members an overview of the duty to accommodate under the Ontario Human Rights code. The focus was on how it applied to housing.
Here are the PowerPoint slides as presented at the November 12, 2014 meeting.

[slideonline id=23039]

Co-ops and the Duty to Accommodate – a info session (2014)

Wednesday, November 12, 7 pm

Woodsworth strives to be an inclusive community, accessible to people of all ages and abilities. What role does the Ontario Human Rights Code play in ensuring co-ops, such as Woodsworth, respond to the needs of members with disabilities?

Woodsworth’s board of directors is pleased to sponsor Co-ops and the Duty to Accommodate under Ontario’s Human Rights Code, a presentation by our own John Fraser. Everyone is welcome, but we would strongly suggest that anyone on a core committee attend, or anyone who is thinking of running for the board or a committee. This is going to be a hot topic as members are aging. Please join us on Wednesday, November 12 @ 7:00 in the penthouse.

Missed the meeting? The presentation is on our website – The Duty to Accommodate in Housing Co-ops in Ontario