Tenant Insurance

Tenant insurance offers benefits to members by paying for temporary accommodation and replacing damaged property in the event of a fire, flood, theft or other catastrophe.

Attached is a document outlining the insurance coverage offered by Cooperators. 

Cooperators tenant insurance

Housing Services Corporation, a non-profit organization which offers services in the social housing sector, also offers similar insurance. It may be cheaper.

For more information about HSC's insurance, see this document.


Board of Directors Elected 2016 – 2017

2016 – 2017

At the November 15, 2016 GMM:

Board of Directors:  (4 x 2-year term until Nov. 2018) (2 x 1-year term until Nov. 2017)

New Members:     Pamela Dewey, Lynda Francis, Barbara Landry, Jill MacDonald, Nancy Moores and Lynn Wright   (ACCLAIMED)
Joining:                Ian Richards

President:  Pamela Dewey  
Vice President:  Ian Richards  
Treasurer:  Valerie Veinotte (appointment)
Secretary:  Lynda Francis 
Barbara Landry, 
Nancy Moores,
Lynn Wright
Jill Macdonald (resigned).  At a By-Election:  Anne-Maree Williams was elected,  for a term ending November 2017)