Woodsworth By-Law Numbers (By-Law History)

Revised:  July 14, 2017

A complete list of all by-law numbers up to the revision date. It includes numbers that were skipped, by-laws that have been repealed, and amendments to by-laws. If you are looking for a history of Woodsworth's by-laws, this is the place to look! 

Consolidation history:
September 30, 2010: By-laws were consolidated up to April 2010, making the consolidated By-laws the approved By-laws of Woodsworth Housing Co-op.

March 1991: Earlier consolidation. By-law numbers prior to 1991 have conflicting information. Some numbers are used more than once. This list includes these anomalies and we have maintained the histories from the 1991 consolidation, in spite of these inconsistencies.

Some by-law amendments were passed without numbers:
Amendment to Organizational By-Law #1 – Feb 27, 1980, June 23, 1980, Jan 23, 1984.
Amendment to Occupancy By-Law #2 – May 31, 1988
Amendment to Rules By-Law #19 – Apr 23, 1980
Amendment to Membership By-Law #20 – Apr 2, 1981, June 23, 1980
Amendment to Maintenance By-Law #21 – Apr 23, 1980, Sept 14, 1981.

By-law numbers are accurate from 1991 onwards.

David Ibbetson’s Legacy continues!

You are Invited!

An informal wine tasting , with our resident expert Angela Heffernan in attendance, will be held on Sunday September 20th between the hours of two and five p.m., in the Penthouse.

A selection of wines with appropriate pairings of light food will be offered.
Come and enjoy what promises to be a fun and pleasant afternoon.

We can accept just 40 members and longterm guests for this first celebration of David’s gift to us. Your early response is advised!

From the The David Ibbetson Legacy Committee

To accept this invitation, please download, print and fill out the attached PDF document and deposit it in the Box in the Midrise Photocopy Room. For help with PDFs, see our post on PDF software. Or get a copy of the invitation response form from the Weekly.



Board of Directors & Liaisons for Committees (2015)

UPDATE June 2015

Roles of Board members:

President Pamela Dewey
Vice President Bob Allan
Corporate Secretary Catherine Young
Treasurer Valerie Veinotte (appointment)
Members at Large Bill Farrell, Lynda Francis, Adrian Hill, Ronny Yaron

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KIDS Breakfast Club

At the Church in the City, 152 The Esplanade, at George Street S.
Wednesdays, 7:45 – 8:15 a.m.

Open to all elementary age kids. Adults walk children to St. Lawrence Neighbourhood schools or to the bus stop.
Consent form is required unless accompanied by a parent. Healthy breakfast, devotional thought for the day, review of school work and a prayer for the day.

For more information, contact Nichole, pastor of kids & youth, 416-203-7117, nichole@churchinthecity.ca